Solving problems in partnership

Bouldering, that is ropeless climbing on rocks close enough to the ground to be able to jump off at any time, has recently become incredibly popular – not surprisingly perhaps, as it is a cool and, above all, social sport. In bouldering, problems are solved together: climbers work on difficult passages and refine complex sequences as a team. Bouldering is also creative and reduces climbing to the essential, that is, perfect movement. T-Wall bouldering walls offer the perfect environment for this sport. Bouldering walls can be mounted to existing structural walls or be free-standing. They can be wooden or free-form and installed in climbing gyms, pre-schools, schools and physiotherapy facilities. Their uses and design options are as varied as the movements created by route setters on on bouldering walls. Holds can be mounted at any density, even close to the edges. We are happy to incorporate lighting and ventilation, upon request, and of course we also supply the floor mats that are essential for safety. If you are the do-it-yourself type, our bouldering walls also come as DIY kits.