The art of transformation

Our weatherproof modular walls with 1 x 1 m artificial rock panels are extremely versatile, as the panels come in more than 40 basic shapes, which can be freely and easily combined and rearranged even after initial installation. The substructure supporting these modular walls is just as flexible as the walls themselves: it consists of a modular steel system that allows a clear visualisation of the transfer of forces to the building substance and facilitates structural calculations. 

Lasting indoor and outdoor solutions

T-Wall modular walls are available in the basic Classic and Triangle ranges. The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Triangle System easily matches the versatility of any wooden wall construction, as it allows up to 22 holds to be placed per square metre. Both wall types can be equipped with indoor and outdoor holds and are available with artificial rock, Competition or Squiggle surfaces. The walls can be easily inspected, as they permit rear walk-in access at any time. These UV-resistant, weatherproof modular walls present new vertical challenges, again and again. Perfectly flexible and safe, they are the ideal long-lasting solution for indoor and outdoor climbing.